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MyCompany Toolbox V3.0
Jobsite Toolbox V3.0
Newsletter Management Tool
Directory Tool

The MyCompany Toolbox™ is the latest web-based is a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that you as a small to mid-sized business owner can build at your own pace and budget. The system can be used to share your company's; contacts, notes, reminders, contract information, asset management, and sales opportunities. The system is simple to use, secure, private, and may be setup to afford the owners and managers to have a "big picture" view of the sales operations. The system also works with Microsoft Outlook and other CRM software to export contacts to your local computer. Low cost, low risk, and high value. The system may be used as a stand-alone system and is the foundation of the TTC ERP system. All data entered into may be used with all other Tools in your Toolbox..



The Jobsite Toolbox™ is a web-based Business Automation system. The Jobsite Toolbox is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that reaches to all operational aspects of a business and is particularly for businesses that have field workers, installers, service personnel, traveling salesmen, and businesses with more than one location. If the goal is to keep a finger on the pulse of all aspects of the operations, customer service, estimations, suppliers, inventory, and franchise or satellite office activities this is the system for you. If you want to grow the company with a comfort feeling that your business is going to be run the right way, this is the system for you. The following is a list of features currently in the Toolbox:



This Tool features a web-based dynamic newsfeed, and also links to dynamic content from other websites. The Tool automatically creates a periodic newsletter that mails newsletters to your mailing list. The Tool is robust enough to support a high volume newsfeed and automatically send newsletters to thousands of recipients.
Create a web-based industry directory that's self building and maintained by the companies using the service. The directory helps the company being listed and it represents a huge opportunity to sell advertising and services to all the listings on the site.
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