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At Technical Toolboxes our mission is to develop Business Automation software that enhances customers' profitability and cash flow through on-line, real-time management of key processes including sales, project management, invoicing and marketing. A guiding principle for TTC products and service is that you must be able to realize tangible benefits in your business processes, asset and / or financial management, and customer service. Call us today to learn more about ERP software. Read all about the TechCorr Case Study..

Please Welcome Shahid Raza Imam to our team. Shahid is located in Islamabad and will represent our Toolbox products in Pakistan. Shahid has a blog that you can visit at, click here.

Check out our BLOG, we will use this to keep everybody up to date with our progress and activities.


We are pleased with the response to our MyCOMPANY TOOLBOX and we would like everyone to try out the new product for absolutely free. Orchestrate your success with the Strategy Center, , deliver air-tight customer support with the Case Support System, and Empower Customer Success with the Education Management System to manage your enterprise training programs, all in one Toolbox. Socialize your business today!

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AMSI METHODOLOGY is Auditing, Modeling, Strategizing, and Implementing. A simple four step process that can help you to take your business to new heights.

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Each organization has special needs and system requirements. TTC has tools for private membership systems, corporate intranets, & communications, questionnaire builders, download/upload systems, search engines/indexing, and mailing lists.
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